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The Paramore LiveJournal Community

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The Official Paramore LiveJournal Community
Paramore's self-titled album featuring the singles 'Still Into You' and 'Ain't It Fun' is out now on Fueled By Ramen!

This is a place for Paramore fans to discuss the band, their music - anything and everything Paramore related!

You can also check out the band's own posts in the paramoreband LiveJournal.

Paramore, Hayley and Jeremy also have Twitter accounts - check those out at the links below:

Paramore's Twitter
Hayley's Twitter
Jeremy's Twitter

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Community Ground Rules
1) Be nice to each other!
2) Please don't post any of the following:
-Rude or inappropriate content (spam)
-Songs, videos, ringtones, etc. that the band has officially released on an album, via iTunes, etc.
-Demos or other "leaked" material
-Things that are an invasion of their privacy - particularly related to their families and others not in the public eye

If you have any questions about anything or need to report any issues, please contact one of the moderators. Thanks!



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