Jason (mr_raccoon) wrote in paramoremusic,

Huh... "one of the guys from Paramore"...

So far it seems there's only one guy in Paramore (Taylor) unless Hayley is considered a guy all of a sudden but the semantics seems a bit complicated for that in this instance. Or maybe he misspoke.

Here's what i'm talking about. Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional said the following in a recent interview and i'll let you make the call on what he meant...

"If you asked me who I was out with last night, I could honestly say that Chad from New Found Glory and I went out with some guys from Further Seems Forever and one of the guys from Paramore. Chad and I were instrumental, among others, in figuring out for some reason there was something going on both in Long Island and New Jersey that mirrored what was going on [in Florida]. We booked a tour together and it stunk except for Jersey and Long Island. We exchanged numbers and next thing we realized is there were bands like Saves the Day, Midtown, The Movielife and Taking Back Sunday."

Source- http://observer.com/2017/01/chris-carrabba-dashboard-confessional-emo-revival/
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