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Brand New Eyes GOLD in Argentina!

I'm taking this from http://www.paramore.com.ar, just because I'm seeing nobody has post it yet.

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The sign says:
SP: Otorgado a Paramore, cetificando que el álbum publicado por Warner Music Argentina titulado "Brand New Eyes", alcanzó el galardón de Disco de Oro.
EN: Awarded to Paramore, stating that the album released by Warner Music Argentina entitled "Brand New Eyes", reached Gold Record Award.

It comes with this little article legend:

SP:"Warner Music Argentina nos ha comunicado que Brand New Eyes ya es oro en Argentina, y la placa será recibida por Paramore el proximo 24 de Febrero en su visita con “Brand New Eyes Tour”
EN:"Warner Music Argentina has told today that Brand New Eyes has reached Gold in our country (Argentina), the sign will be received by Paramore next February 24th when thay visit us with their "Brand Ner Eyes Tour".

Congratulations :)
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