Savanah (mizbizsav) wrote in paramoremusic,

Hayley updates her Instagram

Looks like Hayley is going to be active on Instagram again!

Last night she added three new white photos. Prepping for a new era, perhaps? She also updated her bio to say: "recovering realist & singer of the American genre-neutral band Paramore". Genre-neutral... hmmmm...

You can see her page here:

In the past hour, she added a new picture of herself, so I'm guessing she's going to remain active on there. Which means that THINGS. ARE. HAPPENING.
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December 29 2016, 13:35:40 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  December 29 2016, 15:43:10 UTC

...and she has comments disabled in the first 4 posts (not all that surprising).

Also instead of making a post here about it, I got an email from the company that connects this community's RSS feed into @prmoremusicRSS saying that it can't pick up the feed from LJ anymore. Don't know if I wanna attempt to fix this or not yet seeing how this comm moves at a snail's pace the past few years.
Thanks for fixing it!
It kinda fixed itself like a day after I made that comment
That's good as well. :D

The feed reminded me to check back here.