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8 years in the making

The 8 years in the making is a universal project organizated for brazilians fan-site, in tribute for the 8 years of Paramore. How it will work:

The project it will be in video, the same will be sent to 8yearsinthemaking account on youtube in day 7th september of 2012.

EVERYBODY can enjoy it, it doesn't matter where are you from, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, or Japan, the intention will be the same, the tribute will be from the fans of the whole world, not only brazilians.

How to participate? Send for the email contato@paramoretruelove.com, one picture of yours wishing congratulation to the band, example: “Congratulations Paramore”, “We love Paramore” “HBDay Paramore” or anything else, what will matter is your creativity! The script of the film consists of videos, so, send with your messages, covers and everything more.

** photos can be submitted until 3st September**

More information: @paramoretrueluv

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