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Happy Birthday, AWKIF!

Hey guys! In case you didn't know, today is the 7TH ANNIVERSARY of the release Paramore's first album, All We Know Is Falling! So to celebrate, I have some questions....

1. What's your favorite track off AWKIF?
2. Favorite single?
3. Favorite music video?
4. Favorite track performed LIVE?
5. First song you heard?
6. What do you think is the most underappreciated song on the album?

I'll start:
1. Mine is My Heart. It's hard to beat.
2. Mine's probably Pressure, but I have some good memories associated with All We Know, too.
3. Probably Pressure again, but I love how they all look in Emergency.
4. I'm torn between My Heart (cause it's my favorite Pmore song), Here We Go Again (cause I love the outros), and Emergency (because the Emergency intro is just beautiful)
5. Here We Go Again. In fact, it was my first Paramore song ever. 
6. I'd say Never Let This Go. You never hear it played live, there's no merch on it, noboby talks about it, etc. But the same could be said for a lot of the songs on this album, like Conspiracy and Whoa.

Anyway, that's just my take on the album. Happy Birthday, AWKIF!
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