Jason (mr_raccoon) wrote in paramoremusic,

olympian uses Paramore to get her self psyched up

Here's something from an interview olympic swimmer Hannah Miley did with The Telegraph...

"London will be amazing. Having experienced what the home crowd was like for the Chinese, it's going to be awesome. I walked out for one of my finals [at the trials] with my headphones on trying to get in the zone. I had my music up ["Monster" by Paramore and "Me and You" by Nero] so couldn't hear the noise but I could feel it. It was going through your chest, it was so loud – booming. You walk taller. It makes a difference and it does make you swim faster."

Link- http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/olympics/swimming-the-life-of-hannah-miley-7580671.html
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