BETHANYlately (bethanylately) wrote in paramoremusic,

Trying again!

So a while back you might remember me trying to set up the 7 years Paramore videos. I see the post below me is doing something similar too. I got a few videos here and there but not many people jumped on board. Finally got tickets to the show in Pomona, 200$ (bummer, ticket master was sold out) but i'm going. So is anyone interested in being involved still - send me your videos!! It's going to be different, obviously not 7 years paramore anymore but 


email me a video of you, say, or sing? whatever you'd like to paramore, i'll compile all the short clips on 1 dvd for them. 
upload a video and send me the link (make the video unlisted with only the link being allowed) 

anyone interested? 
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