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In other cases, however, departures don’t go nearly as well.

In the case of Paramore, ex-members Josh and Zac Farro, brothers who played guitar and drums, respectively, surprised fans with their unexpected departure in December 2010. They shocked the music world even more when Josh Farro released a blog post saying that Paramore was “a manufactured product of a major label” and that everyone in the band besides singer Hayley Williams was just a pawn in the label’s game.

Williams and the two remaining members, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York, denied the claims and promised fans that they would be getting back to work to release their best album yet after some touring.

Fans, however, did not know what to expect from the band. Josh Farro played a major part in the band’s songwriting, and York took over those duties after Farro’s departure.

York’s work has helped lead Paramore to a newer sound that seems to take influences from a wider variety of genres than the band’s back catalog did. Two examples of this are the hard-hitting anthem “Monster,” as well as the somber folksy tune “In the Mourning.”

So even after losing two members, Paramore appears to be more creative and inspired than ever, and the band has set the bar high for the upcoming release of its fourth studio album sometime in 2012.

Link- http://dailytrojan.com/2012/02/09/bands-bounce-back-from-loss-of-members/
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