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The Meaning Behind Monster?

 Monster's probably the most meaningful video Paramore has ever made till' now. So I thought it'd be cool to share your opinions on what the whole video means and whatnot. I made my very own interpretation, it's pretty long so it's under the cut.

The water: That obviously relates to “you were my conscience so solid, now you’re like water and we started drowning, not like we’d sink any farther”. So basically it shows them in the water, as if they were stuck there, not able to move or “sink any farther”. In order to get out of there they must get rid of all the monsters that are holding them back down there.

The hospital: Paramore’s been hurt ever since the whole 2008 almost-breakup situation. They had to spend some time apart from each other to get things straight and even after they got back together to record Brand New Eyes, they were still very much distant from each other – which I think explains Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley side by side on the water sleeping, meaning they were so close but still couldn’t communicate with each other or wake up, because Hayley’s the only one who’s actually awake and “realizing things” that are going on around them, so she’s singing as a wakeup call to the guys but they’re not able hear her.

So I think the hospital is a metaphor to the whole healing process they had to go through. But the only things actually intact at the hospital are their rooms. It’s as if they had been there for way too long without even realizing that the whole world around them had been falling to pieces. Then suddenly something made them realize that they could and they had to get up and get out of there, as if they were suddenly healed. And I believe this “something” is the Farros departure.

The Church: At one point they are running through this hospital chapel place and an explosion happens in there. I think this scene represents how much they had to struggle with their own faith during this whole process, since religion is such an important matter for Paramore.

Normal Paramore vs. White Paramore: Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy dressed in white represent the “evil”, the “monsters” that are inside each one of them. When “normal Paramore” realize they can get up and leave that place (the hospital) behind, the monsters start to attack them, trying to stop them, hold them back. Thus everytime one of them dressed in white hits the wall, an explosion happens around them at the hospital. But they’re weak when they’re alone, so they go to find each other to try and survive and find a way out, but there’s no exit cuz those monsters are inside all of them. So when they get to the same room where Paramore dressed in white once were, the room is empty and you can see the “monsters” stepping away from the wall as if they couldn’t fight Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley anymore, because they’re stronger now that they’re together therefor the monsters are unable to beat them, so they simply disappear, making way for Paramore to move forward which is why the last take of the video shows only the water, meaning they finally managed to get released from there.

That’s basically it. So what does Monster means to you? I’d be glad to get some replies to this cuz I’m curious to hear what are your guys’ opinions on it. :)
And sorry for the long post! 
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